Lessons Learned, Vol 1

by Just Dave Band

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released May 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Just Dave Band Los Angeles, California

Hi, Just Dave here. OK, here's the deal, here at Just Dave Band we don't have 'fans', only friends who like to hear our music. I work hard on stage, I crack jokes, I put my life stories into my tunes, and try to support a family playing and selling my original music. (and I try to keep the guys in my band busy, too!)
#StandbyforGreatness, California Country!
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Track Name: It's Only Life
It’s Only Life. Music/lyrics: D. Bernal

I’ve been through hell
It’s the only way I know to get to the light
I’ve loved and lost
But you gotta do the wrong before you know the right
If my life’s a song,
I got a whole lot more to learn before it starts to rhyme.
I’ve been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
And system failed and course derailed
And can still say I’ve have a good time

‘Cause it’s only life
And it’s the only one we got,
So don’t let it go.
Some live & all die
And if we don’t take a shot
We may never know.
And if you’re not standing by my side
At the end of this (lonely) ride
I can’t say I never tried. Cuz it’s only… life.

I’ve heard the “no’s”
And I’m sure there’ll be a hundred more
Before I get a “yes”
For every wrong turn
A man can make I’m sure that I have made it
(doin’ my best)
And every chance a heart can take
And every which way a heart can break
I’m positive I’ve felt it all, I guess.

Let’s do this dance
Let’s take this chance
That we’ll be hand in hand until the end
And if down the line
You change your mind
We’ll both know we did not pretend… my friend.

The days go by
And true love’s waitin there for those who want it
For every lost love
When the heartache’s healed a lesson learned upon it
Though we may get hurt
It’s a chance any potential lover knows
But what we can gain’ll outweigh the loss
It’s worth the pain, at any cost
To both let down our guards and say “here it goes”
Track Name: Shine a Light
Shine a Light

shine a light
shine a light
rock me through the night
love me like a hurricane
roll me ‘til you ease my pain
soon everything gonna be alright

when my darkest hour comes
long before the break of dawn
midnight lamp is slowly dying
you won't leave me alone
you never leave me alone

i was driving blind
and you shined a light
now i know just where i'm going
i was seeing double
but i ain’t causin’ touble
i got a buzz that’s still growing

i'm gonna change the way i talk
change the way i look and the way i walk
when you look at me the way you do
i wanna be a better fool
i wanna be a better fool
Track Name: California Wildfire
California Wildfire. Music n lyrics: D. Bernal

I’ve seen it a thousand times
Love’s rollercoaster ups and downs
Red hot and then up in smoke
Back and forth and Round and round

I never thought it’d be the same with you and I
Your burning touch calls out to me, for another night
The sea of flames is rising, there’s no way I can fight.

Like a California wildfire
Fueled by a warm desert wind
You bring a climate for disaster
Each time I let you back in
Time after time I see the warnings
The rains dry up and you return
And like a California wildfire…
… you breeze in and I get burned.

Like the light of a thousand suns
Your body burned inside my mind
Who’s to say if I’ve found the one
But had to leave her behind

Just the thought of you and that you’re coming back
Warms me up and I forget about our troubled past
The firestorm is raging, but maybe this time it’ll last.

A wall of flamin’ ash is fallin’ from the sky
The scars I carry are my fire danger sign
But I’ll sit and burn for you, and never question why.
Track Name: Burn it Down
Burn it Down Blanton/Stachela/Bernal

The wind’s blowing high in the trees
The moonlight shining on me
All in all it’s such a peaceful scene
But they can take it away.
There’s a man, crying “let me out”
Another child’s gotta go without
When you speak, do your lips make a sound?
What is it that makes you afraid?

If a man can be fed with a loaf and a fish
Ain’t no reason why I won’t be getting my wish
I want peace, I want freedom
The right to be me
But most of all… I just wanna believe.
HEY! Oh, I just wanna believe…

For those who will take back their rights
To you who thought, your hands were tied
Step out your chains, and into the light
The door is open wide.

If a man can be fed with a loaf and a fish
Ain’t no reason why I won’t be getting my wish
I want peace, I want freedom
The right to be me
But most of all… I just wanna believe.
Oh, I just wanna believe… yeah.
When the man tries to build up a wall… burn it down
To keep us away from us all... burn it down
He’s high now, but soon he will fall…
And I'll be around…
… to burn it down.
Track Name: My Old Crummy Life
My Old Crummy Life. Lyrics/music: D. Bernal

Some Days
I get to missing her… Feel like kissing her
When I know I’m better off with what I’ve found
It seems strange, because life was so rough then
But I miss the struggle
The feeling we may not make it out.

Makin’ every dollar
Last as long as a dollar could… (In our hands it did)
We could almost stretch it… To the next check
And every now and then we would.
I don’t miss the pain
I don’t miss the broke
But I miss how close we were
When both of them combined
Wonder to this day
After carrying such a heavy load

Why we left it all behind
And I miss… my old crummy life.

(I recall) that night,
When you said “take me out, just like couples do
To a fancy dinner, and a show.”
I put the card down on some three-dollar wine
From Ralph’s on Riverside
And peeled the label so you wouldn’t know
The speakers up on a milk crate
The traffic louder than the radio
While we were dancing, I think we burned the rice
But I wouldn’t trade that dinner for all the caviar in world…

After all of the trips and falls
Baby we could always find a way to work it out.
(Yeah, we’d work it out)
And often times I’d fantasize
Of another life without you
Now all my thoughts are about you…

So here we are together
You in your veil, I’m in my tie
And though it may be years til we meet again
There may be hope in death
Where it was lost in life.

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